PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp are all acceptable payment methods now!

Commissions may take longer than normal for right now due to some personal stuff going on in my life. Sorry for any inconvenience. Will try my best to get them going as quick as possible, though!

NEW $15 Traditional Style (digital) Headshot Portraits available!

I am a varying realism digital artist. Art is a passion for me. I am self-taught and put my focus mainly into portraits and nature paintings, but I sometimes get out of my comfort zone and do other things, so don't be surprised if there is an array of subjects from me.

If you're interested in checking out my artwork or commissioning me, browse the icons below. I would love to work with you!

No artwork is to be copied, redistributed, etc. from this site.
All Rights Reserved, HighNoonDraw 2021.

Please read over all terms BEFORE commissioning me.

My artwork is to be used for Personal Use ONLY.
(Contact me in regards to possible Commercial Use).
Do NOT use my work for Commercial Use WITHOUT my permission!

If you plan on commissioning me, understand that I will use your commission for an example for other clients. Please know you are accepting this term when you commission me, as it is my right to use my artwork to advertise my business.

Full payment MUST be made for me to start your commission.

Please have an idea of what you want already in mind before messaging me. As the client, you are responsible for giving a clear description via images, etc. as to what you want for your commission.

Please have patience when waiting for your commission to be completed. I will contact you if I think it will take longer than I said it would take to finish.

After a certain amount of large edits on an almost finished commission, I will charge a fee to continue changing things on your commission. I will change up to 3 major things before charging you accordingly, based on how much difficulty there is on editing anything else beyond this point.

I have every right to refuse a commission request if I feel I can't take it on for a variety of reasons.

All artwork will have my watermark/signature in the corner of the image (very non-obstructive to the piece). I will not remove my watermark, UNLESS for artwork where you may want to have a print of the art without my watermark on the image (for framing purposes, etc).

If you notice a large watermark on my artworks I post online, it is to keep from art theft and is always a mandatory thing I do when I post my work onto any social media, but it will not be on your finished commission.


Payment via PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp accepted.

Once a invoice is sent to you and you accept it, you are also accepting the TOS of my commission service --- please understand this when ordering from me.

Do NOT purchase from me if you are under 18 years of age.

If you request a commission, we can work out budgets. I am very flexible with that, so don't be shy!

Refund Policy

If you intend to purchase art from me, you must have someway I can contact you reliably regarding your order. Otherwise, if you go MIA for more than one month I will not issue a refund if you have already paid me, and I will not finish your commission.

I am willing to refund you if you paid and I have not started your commission and you decide for whatever reason that you no longer want what was requested.

NO refunds, NO exceptions once commission is started! Due to a recent issue, I am no longer doing refunds once a commission is started. You know what you're getting when you look at my gallery and I have put a lot of time and effort into your commission, so I should be paid accordingly.

Thank you for understanding.

I have the right, as the artist, to change the TOS at any point in time.
Please check back often.
-- HighNoonDraw

No artwork is to be copied, redistributed, etc. from this site.
All Rights Reserved, HighNoonDraw 2021.

My art examples can be found with the icons on the front page or by clicking the button "Gallery".

Rush commissions cost an additional $10 onto current prices listed.

Prices may vary depending on complexity and taxes.
If you notice any website of mine does not have these prices, please notify me, as these are the correct prices for my commissions.

Lineart: $10 USD
Traditional Style: $15 USD ($18 if ordered through Fiverr due to fees)
Headshot: $70 USD
Bust: $90 USD
Fullbody: $110 USD
Simple Background: Free
Detailed Background: $25 USD

Due to Covid-19, prices right now aren't firm. Please don't hesitate to ask if I can work with your budget, because most likely I can!

Example below to show the cut off point for each commission type.

No artwork is to be copied, redistributed, etc. from this site.
All Rights Reserved, HighNoonDraw 2021.

I work on commissions somewhat randomly. So check back often to see if I have started yours.

ClientCommission TypePayment StatusArt Status
angivareConcept Art + Headshot (x1)Paid -Painting Started
lolyourenotk80Lineart (x1)PaidN/A
vickyrattTraditional (x1)PaidAlmost Done
DispholidusHeadshot (x1)PaidN/A
TheNerdyBearTraditional Style (x1)Paid -N/A

No artwork is to be copied, redistributed, etc. from this site.
All Rights Reserved, HighNoonDraw 2021.